AT&T Expands LTE Coverage

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AT&T have announced that they will be expanding their 4G LTE coverage to 5 new markets and expanding their existing coverage in another 8.

Ruston, LA, New Bern, NC, State College, PA, Georgetown, SC, Jayuya, PR residents will be happy as they will be receiving the new coverage while residents in the areas listed below will be getting their overage extended:

  • Atlanta, GA expansion (Putnam County)
  • Baton Rouge, LA expansion
  • Lafayette, LA expansion (St. Martin Parish)
  • Shreveport, LA expansion (north & south)
  • Oxford, MS expansion (Panola County, Lafayette County)
  • Albany, NY expansion (Delmar, Troy)
  • San Juan, PR expansion
  • Guayama, PR expansion

Verizon had an early jump on the 4G LTE coverage in the USA but AT&T are working hard in close the gap.

Its not only the above places getting the AT&T 4G LTE treatment as AT&T have also announced that another 50 areas will also be receiving 4G LTE by the end of 2013.

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AT&T Hack Gives Better iOS Performance.

AT&T iPhone 5

Last week there was a hack released for T-Mobile iPhone 5 customers that allowed them to get better data speeds from their devices, by installing a customised carrier file. Well this week a similar hack has been released by the same people for AT&T customers.


HTC First Drops to 99c on AT&T

HTC First

The HTC First AKA the Facebook Phone due to the fact it was the first phone to have Facebook Home pre-installed has seen a price cut at AT&T to just 99c.


AT&T allows FaceTime for almost all data plans

simpleAT&T already allows LTE iOS users to make FaceTime calls over their cellular connection, but this outraged hundreds of older iPad and iPhone owners. Really, this made people angry, including myself, someone who doesn’t even like to use FaceTime. As of today, they’re rolling out the ability to let almost everyone use FaceTime over a data connection. Read on for the details.


AT&T Galaxy Note II to Get Multi Window Today

Note 2

One of the great features about the Galaxy Note II was the ability to use something Samsung called Multi-Window on the massive screen, however up until today the AT&T version of the Phablet didn’t have the feature.


AT&T offering refurbished iPhone 5s for $99

9to5Mac points out that AT&T is the first carrier to offer refurbished iPhone 5s. Of course, there hasn’t been a large amount of time for Apple to refurbish the phones, but nevertheless, AT&T is now offering refurbished iPhone 5 models for half the price of a new iPhone 5. If you’re not opening a new line or upgrading at the end of two years, this translates to a rough $100 off the purchase price of a phone that is as new you need, given the phone is basically 60% new, including the cosmetic aspects.

For those of you, like me, who don’t believe that the upgrade is worth half a grand, this could certainly help. However, it still doesn’t feel that great. Hopefully, soon, AT&T will begin to allow iPh0ne users to cheat on their upgrades like they did in the past. See, when I was your age, AT&T would allow users to get the full upgrade price whenever a new iPhone came out. Well, this is how it worked for me on my family plan.

Source: 9to5Mac

AT&T Allow FaceTime for Some without LTE

AT&T Facetime

News in November was that AT&T were going to allow users to use Apple’s FaceTime feature over cellular within the next few months if customers were on a shared data plan, well the time has come quicker than most thought.

Customers on the East Coast are reporting that they can now use the video calling feature without being connected to WiFi but more importantly without being connected to LTE. Yes several customers are reporting that they can FaceTime over 3G.

For customers who try to FaceTime and get the error message like in the above picture, users are saying

AT&T, Boingo, T-Mobile plan to provide wireless in subways stations in New York

This is a somewhat boring post, but for those of you who live in New York City, it could be big news. Even though AT&T wasn’t allowed to merge with T-Mobile and the two companies seem unable to work together at anything, they do seem to be coming together for the greater good and connectivity of mankind.

As it turns out, this collaboration takes place in and around nearly 30 subway stations in New York City, proving particularly useful to those who desire to live in the subway stations. Or those who use them to commute to work, I guess. We don’t have too many details at the moment, but it appears as if the gritty storm  has set the completion date back to early 2013. Hopefully that isn’t too far away…


AT&T adds cloud storage app, Locker, for iOS

Even though there’s a nearly insurmountable number of cloud storage applications and services on the market now, when a major company releases one, especially for iOS, we like to cover it. As you may have assumed from the revealing title, AT&T just released it’s cloud storage service and app, Locker, for iOS. Today, AT&T announced and released the app where you can grab it on the AppStore, even though it’s been there for about a week. Read on for the details.