Should I sell My iPhone 4s Now?

Yup, that’s my iPhone 4s up there.   There’s a reason why I always take care of my iDevices, the resell value.  Apple products tend to keep their value if not become more valuable with the years.  But is it too early to sell my iPhone? Or I’m I already late?

Going by the market, I’m $200 already late.  The average selling price for an iPhone 4s 16gb just a few weeks ago was around $400-500 on eBay.  Now, I’ll be lucky to get around $300.   eBay has seen a strong increase in iPhone 4s posting since rumors of a new iPhone hit main stream sites like CNN, Forbes, etc.

I can confirm that your provider will also make a difference in resell value.  Sadly, I found out that my Sprint iPhone does not sell for as much as an At&t device.  I’ve always been with At&t but for the iPhone 4S I decided to give Sprint a try.    Unfortunately for me,  Sprint also dropped the price on the iPhone to $149 and on top of that, they are also offering a $100 gift card.

Fortunately, must ebay shoppers are purchasing an iphone to stay out of contract or to replace a unit that was lost or damaged.  So they wouldn’t qualify for any special prices from the carrier.

 Nextworth looked at reseller data for previous iPhone launches and found the sooner you sell your old iPhone, the more money you’ll get for it.

CNET reports that Nextworth put together a chart tracking trade-in pricing from eBay during the last iPhone launch. And what the company discovered is that in the two months leading up to the launch, as the rumor mill spun nearly out of control, the previous generations of iPhones lost about 25 percent of their value.

The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011, and the eBay data suggests prices started declining significantly starting in August.

So if you ask me, the time is definitely NOW to sell your iPhone.

Already sold your iPhone?  How much did you get?  Let us know in the comments below or at our new forum – Link 


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