Online Nandroid backups without a reboot ported to a whole host of new devices


Creating a Nandroid backup requires a few steps, booting into recovery, then going through the menu to find the backup options and finally rebooting. Well a few months back an application was developed and released to allow these backups to be created without the need to use CWM.

The app uses BusyBox and terminal commands to create a Nandroid backup without having to deal with any custom recoveries or rebooting your device.

Initially this method was released only for Sony experia models, but a recent update has broadened the compatibility list to include almost all android devices as well as adding a host of new features.

XDA Senior member ameer1234567890, the brains behind this awesome app explains below.

This tool backups /boot (from version 5) , /recovery (from version 5) , /wimax (from version 5) , /appslog (from version 5) , /system , /data , /cache , /datadata (from version 5) , .android_secure & sd-ext (from version 3) partitions to /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup directory. The date format used for folder name is the same used by CWM itself and nandroid backups created with this tool can safely be restored using CWM. If you would want to have a custom name for backup folder, pass an argument with the name to the script and it will use the name

With backups being so important, apps like this one help even novice users in the journey to customize their devices.

For more info you can read the original thread over at XDA here

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