Chart Comparing The Kindle Fire HD To Other Tablets Surfaces

Don’t let the title confuse you; the chart displays the Kindle Fire HD’s in comparison to almost every other comparable tablet on the market, currently, including the Surface. Price-wise, you can see that the Kindle Fire 2 is unparalleled, and, the price to quality ratio of the Kindle Fire HD makes it a very similar good deal. There is another tablet at the same price as the Kindle Fire HD, and, as you may have expected, it’s the popular Nexus 7. Read on for the details and the chart.

Today when Amazon released the new tablets with excellent hardware at a very reasonable price, many people, myself included, were instantly sold. But, this may not always be the smart move, considering the numerous tablets on the market right now. And, some of the tablets are excellent devices that must be considered when trying to decide which one to buy. iMore’s Rene Ritchie posted an article with the above chart, showing us the difference in the hardware, operating system, and price points. After looking at the chart, one may not be so sold on the Kindle Fire HD, here’s why.

The Kindle Fire HD is an excellent tablet. It’s made by Amazon. It has phenomenal hardware. But, look at the Nexus 7. It’s another solid tablet that shares the price of the HD. But, for hardcore users, the fact that it runs straight Android, getting direct updates from Google, makes all of the difference. The Kindle Fire and the HD version are both based off Android, however, it’s so customized that I don’t believe Android is even recognizable. There’s no Google Play store. In fact, there’s none of Google key apps. Because of this, I’m afraid many users will shy away from the Kindle Fire, even though it’s a wonderful device. It can be claimed that the Kindle Fire is targeted at the softer user, specifically moms and younger kids.

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