iOS 7.1 Will Introduce New Voices for Siri in the UK


If you are in the UK and use Siri then you will know that the voice options are a little limited when it comes to choice. Well, in the latest beta of iOS 7.1, Apple has added new voices for the UK version of Siri in both male and female. The voices are much more fluid and a lot less robotic than the previous male only option.

Siri has always met with mixed reviews and some probably still don’t use it at all but I use Siri quite a bit to set reminders and get answers to questions so it is nice to hear the voice sounding more “human”.

The new voices will be available on both iPhone and iPad when iOS 7.1 gets publicly released.

If you are in the UK what do you think of these new options, will you welcome the changes or simply don’t care? We want to know.


Apparently, details of the iPhone 6 have been “leaked”. Hey, if you say so….


According to the people at, news of the specs of an iPhone 6 have been leaked. Nevermind the fact that the official announcement isn’t going to be made by Apple until at LEAST September, which is a full nine months away, but here we have someone who claims to have knowledge of the situation reporting on these “facts“. More

Fenix-Tech wants to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.


We know that posts have been scarce here lately, and we’re aiming to fix that. A major change is coming to the writing style at in an effort to ring in the New Year, and on that note, we would all like to wish you a happy and healthy New Year as well.

Keep checking back.

iPhone 5s Leather Case Review (Brown)

Like many I ordered one of Apple’s great looking, albeit overpriced, leather cases with my iPhone 5s. I opted for the brown one as I thought it would best compliment the gold of my iPhone.

At first it looked and felt great, but after less than a month I became increasingly concerned with the deteroration starting to show around the corners and the edges. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

It is worth bearing in mind that I do not have a dirty job that would add to this issue, this happened purely through putting it in and out of my pocket. Yes I realise that an iPhone being an iPhone means that it makes an appearance from my pocket a lot more than any normal phone, but really? Take a look below.


IMG_0334I have contacted Apple and raised this issue with them and they have agreed to exchange/refund the case. Next time I think I will just go with Black.

What has been your experience with these leather cases from Apple? Let us know in the comments below.

Balance: Take Control Of Your Finances

Keeping an eye on personal finances is a daily struggle for most. With money coming in and money going out it isn’t always that easy to keep track of what you have left for spending on the things you want rather than the things you need.

Well iOS developer Joshua Lee Tucker decided to take care of this by creating himself an app to do just that, and like most good apps, what started out as a personal project to solve a problem has now become available for all.

Balance has been created specifically with iOS 7 in mind providing you with a super simple and great looking app, so much so that it looks like it should have shipped with iOS.

Balance allows you to input as many accounts as you want, name them, and start adding your current balances. From there you just start adding any outgoings or those elusive incomings and the current balance changes to reflect it. On the main screen you then get an overview of all of your accounts and a grand total, it couldn’t be simpler. If you want to delete an entry at any point just swipe to the left on that entry.

There are no settings that need fiddling with, it just works.

If you too find keeping track of those pesky finances a chore then you can grab Balance (iTunes Link) for £1.49/$1.99 from the AppStore.

Thanks to Joshua for providing us with a copy of his app.

TruSloMo: Export Your iPhone 5s Slow Motion Videos

With the release of the iPhone 5s came the ability to record video at 120fps slow motion. While this might be more of a novelty feature, it is an impressive one. There was one slight oversight by Apple though, once you have your video recorded, unless you send it to another 5s directly the resulting video lacks the slow motion part.


A workaround is to email the video to yourself thus creating a rendered version that can be viewed by all. An easier way though is to download a nifty free app called TruSlowMo (AppStore link). Essentially the app allows you to produce a sendable version much quicker while keeping the full quality.

A recent update saw a feature added that really should have been native to iOS 7 on the 5s, the ability to have more than one slow motion portion to your video. This feature is in the form of a small in-app purchase of £0.69p but is well worth it if you want to create stunning slow motion videos.


Along with this feature came a handful of others. You can also use this app on your iPhone 4s and iPhone 5! Not only that but you can also add slow motion segments to existing videos too.

This is definitely a must have app for anyone who records slow motion videos regularly.

iPhone 5s – What you need to know!

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 21.44.35

So the Apple Event is over and Apple certainly did announce 2 new iPhone’s the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.

The rumours where right the iPhone 5s will come in 3 colours, Slate, Sliver & Gold.

Check the jump for more info about the iPhone 5s and what you need to know.


iPhone 5c – What you need to know!

iPhone 5c


So the Apple Event is over and Apple certainly did announce 2 new iPhone’s the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.

We here to let you know all you need to know about the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5c is going to totally replace the iPhone 5, yes thats right there will no longer be an iPhone 5.


iCloud & iMessage Service Down for 3 Million Users


Apple’s iCloud services has been down for around 3 hours now with no explanation as to why.

The service is used by around 300 million people and Apple report saying that the outage is effecting around 1% (3 Million).

The service interruption is said to effect Photo Stream, Documents, backup and iPhoto journals functions as well as the possibility of iMessage and iTunes Store facing problems also.

Apple generally jump of problems like this so it can be fair to say that they are working hard to get the problem sorted as I type this.